Wednesday, 1 October 2014

My painting in the Dulwich Picture Gallery

I am very excited to have had one of my pictures accepted into the current exhibition at the Dulwich Picture Gallery. Hurrah! I have now been painting for about 7 years, and in the last year or so got much more into a flow and am really pleased with the paintings I have done over the last year or so.

The painting at Dulwich is called 'Idol Worship' 

Other recent pictures include Mr Walrus, a portrait of the Hornimans Walrus

and one of a series of my plant show paintings

and my Balinese obsession also lives in painting, this is one of the Ranga Dance

And finally another Museum painting...

I hope you like them! all are available, contact me for more information

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Ready for a close up, and a very generous friend

With the garden opening long over and the end of the season in sight it is time to just enjoy things, as there is a  final splash of exuberance and colour. Although some things are ramping up others have given up for the year, the first being the Kalopanax which has dropped all its leaves, and then the Mirabilis multiflora which is sulking in the cold.

Vodou lily fruit

In exciting garden news Patrick has been officially awarded the most generous person ever award as when clearing out his garden for a new extension he has now given me 2 Cyathea australis and the most amazing Chinese pot ever! 

Getting the tree fern home led to new getting plants in the car and home escapades as the only way to get it home was to tie together the fronds and tie them up so they didn't scrape along the road. We then drove the short distance home home safely with a giant frond tail wagging in our wake.  

This is the pot...amazing! exactly like I had been looking for. Here in a temporary position with the new Cyathea to the left. THANK YOU PATRICK!!!

This is a Yacon flower....

Tetrapanax flowering is a scary indicator of frost as they are usually frosted before they reach their peak

Saturday, 20 September 2014

More of things at their best

Although only two weeks since the opening, the garden has already changed, becoming ever more jungly as nasturtiums expand and fill the gaps, and bananas and cannas get every bigger. However before posting about these some more pictures of the garden at its NGS best