Wednesday, 29 April 2015

So much to do...

All of a sudden things are growing again, and the garden is a sea of blue from all the forget-me-nots. Although all I can see is the list of things to do, things are actually looking in good shape which is a good job as there is a tv crew coming round to film...more of that in another post

However as a wander round the garden and where things are at:

Terrace is shaping up nicely. Schleffera is beginning to flush, and behind the Musa sikkimensis have their first leaves out

Eccremus (below) has survived and is very quick to flower, and in the sun the Balinese shrine is exuding tropicalness

This was our big potting the large Trachycarpus on the terrace which was looking sadder every year as it became more pot bound. We thought we could gently slip it out of its pot (saving the expensive pot) and then set the palm free but were thwarted. Much tugging and swearing followed as we tried to pull off the pot, ending up cutting it free/getting aggressive with a sledgehammer. It is also the heaviest thing in the world!


Pond (above) really needs help! but my initial problem area at the top of the steps (below) is now looking super lush with a Phormium and Cordyline getting bigger and under planting of Acanthus. There is a fig in the middle which will eventually be big and imposing...

Melianthus has survived the winter and has one banana grove behind is just coming into leaf

In the veg plot I am actually feeling like a proper veg grower! note the neat rows and turned earth!

I use Ajuga as ground cover to keep the weeds at bay, but at this time of the year it looks great

Upper garden with the newly set free palm tree and Echiums which are now reaching for the stars

Lots to do!

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  1. Lots to do but looking good already! The Trachycarpus will grow even faster now that it's been liberated to the ground.