Tuesday 12 April 2016

RHS Orchid and spring show.....plants to get obsessive over

It was with trepidation that last weekend I went along to the RHS spring and orchid show. I must admit that when I first saw how they were charging for this show I was a little grumpy as the spring show was usually free, and the orchid one was charged for. However, rather than turn into (more of) a moaning Minnie I thought I would go along and see what it was all about.

I was very glad I did as the orchid bit was great! Growers from all over the world with some fabulous flowers. There were also loads to buy, and if you were an enthusiast you could have come away a lot poorer.

Orchids are still one of those plants that people are crazy about, and you could see an obsessive and compulsive twinkle in the eye of many of the people attending.

Growing orchids really appeals to me as they have rarity and great beauty. However, I don’t (yet?) have a heated glasshouse and know that I would kill things quickly. Whilst I also love phalaenopsis and can keep them alive, I rarely get them to flower again and perhaps I should get the basics right before moving onto those that cost £30+. I also have a much stronger craving for nepenthes which are achingly glorious…

So a good show and a reminder as to how beautiful fiddly plants can be. It also helped to remind me how much I like carnivorous plants and I went home to re-pot the collection!

Pretty flowers 'init

Now hardy orchids are something I could get obsessive over.....

Some were all a little OTT

and there was of course some proper RHSness going on...