Monday 30 July 2018

July: hot hot hot!

So we have just had our first weekend of rain in what seems like several months. England has also been super hot which has meant that I have been having to do a lot of watering. 

It has been a weird year with the beast from the east freezing everything, then a deluge, and now super hot and drought. 

I'm not the kind of person who leaves a sprinkler on overnight as the wasting water guilt sets in, so I have been strategically watering the precious plants and annuals whilst the others have roasted and crisped at the edges. Generally it has been ok, and it was only last week that the Tetrapanax began to drop their large leaves. The heat has also been super good for things like the bananas that were cut down the ground over winter and they are still going great guns. 

 Note how dry the lawn is!

Newly created seating area by the summer house

 Terrace all looking super lush and pampered

 The bees have been super busy....Im praying I get some honey!

 Top garden during the rain when it was super exotic!