Monday 12 June 2017


There is nothing like peak NGS garden visiting season to make a boy get out into the garden! 

Things are actually looking pretty good at the mo, everything has been planted out and the early summer heat has made things really get going! There is nothing nicer than a newly unfurled banana leaf, I even have my first Dahlias flowering...

This year these Tetrapanax leaves are HUGE

The jungle terrace with the Musa sikkimensis the tallest they have ever been

Im rather excited to try out this Rodgerisa and Petasites in pots on the terrace, and so far they are super lush and jungly

On Musa basjoo is flowering, but it has no leaves!

Geranium psilostemum...the flower has an amazing colour

A riot of escapee Scotch thistles and verbascums 

Digitalis canariensis

Digitalis parviflora about to flower..