Thursday 24 May 2018

May: waking up

So far this has been an odd year as the cold weather of the beast from the east really slowed things down. Everything then jolted into life with a very warm snap which reminded me of how much I need to do! Since then it has been action stations with...

- The Ensetes coming out of their winter resting point in our meter cupboard to root in pots in the greenhouse before slowly now being planted out
- Too much sitting on the Internet buying new plants including a load of triphylla fuchsias...this will be the year of the fuchsia!! also a new discovery with Remusatia and too much aroid temptation....
- Lots of soil, I think I ordered in about 50 bags of compost. I always forget how heavy they are to carry and order more than I need as in my head I am an avid mulcher/soil improver
- Seeds: lots of Tithonia and datura
- moving heavy plants, a big champerops and a big Washingtonia because I love moving plants when the soil is super heavy clay
- more plant buying to replace the seedlings and fuchsias fried in the greenhouse in that very hot weather!

Coming up....

Canna cull: this is the year for dividing over congested clumps
Terrace lushness: this year I want a very lush view and revamp
New seating area: this is such a good idea in my head, but practically??
NGS garden visiting: the new season is here! get visiting!

Happy gardening

The terrace full of pots of recovering exotics, thankfully most things survived (although the bananas were all cut down to the ground?

The forget-me-nots are in the process of coming out leaving bare earth to plant out the bananas and annuals

lush green carpet of geraniums

The summerhouse area is a lot better with a moved Butia adding its exotic elegance

A new hanging of les objects trouve

Tetrapanax are getting v tall! their huge leaves now beginning to unfurl