Sunday 30 July 2017


With just over a month until the garden opens for the NGS things are beginning to look pretty good!

The following are some of the amazing leaves....

Thursday 13 July 2017

Upcoming NGS Gardens you should visit in Camberwell/Clapham

I wanted to highlight a few gardens that are opening for the NGS soon.

This weekend are two lovely neighbouring gardens at 81 and 83 Camberwell Grove, London, SE5

I love both as they are in a beautiful bit of Camberwell Road which is the heart of old Camberwell. As two neighbouring gardens you can also see how differently they use the space and the planting and design are great, and tea and cake fabulous!

Sunday 16 July (2 - 6pm), 81&83 Camberwell Grove

The weekend after are two gardens in Clapham which are well worth a visit. The first is Waynes garden which is kind of bonkers! it is the most densely planted garden you will ever see as inbetween the plants are pots and more pots!

On the same day is 2 Littlebury Road, also in Clapham. A new NGS garden which was featured on Monty Dons Big Dreams Small Spaces