Saturday 14 May 2016

Back into life

Things are now all systems go in the garden. With the recent hot weather the hammock is back up and things are growing at a rate of knots. The big plant out is just getting up speed with the big bananas out, but a lot more to go in including a greenhouse full of seedlings.

As it has been a mild winter all the cannas seem to have survived and are now just poking their heads above the soil, and by the gardens best will be 5-6ft. The Ensete in the greenhouse are just about coming back into life and I am waiting for them to put out more roots before planting out any more.

My new wooden 'henge'

This has been the big area of change in the garden. Last year there was a trellis all the way along the wall, but by taking it down it gives potential to have a great new bed at eye height...this also changes the feel of the bottom garden as what was a 'full stop' now becomes part of an ongoing vista

Anyway, happy gardening! We are also in the heights of garden visiting season so if you haven't seen which NGS gardens are open near you CHECK THEM OUT! we are off to the Forest Hill gardens tomorrow which are well worth a trip