Monday 6 September 2021

Our 2021 Opening

A huge thank you to everyone who came to this years opening. It was another record year and we had 245 visitors and make about £2700 for charity! Hurrah! We were blessed with one of the sunniest days for weeks (the sun always shines in Camberwell) and the garden was looking super lush. This year was different in that we opened for longer (from 11-4:30) with the hopes of having less of a rush. The lovely Hayley also joined us to sell some of her fabulous metal sculptures which was a great addition. This year I was told how a visit to our garden was lifechanging, with a fab lady saying how after her visit to the garden last year she had thrown out all her old plants and started just growing exotics! The plant sale is also clearly becoming a thing with a huge rush on plants when we first opened. I never really know how well things will sell, and even my 10 Polypody ferns which were unusual, but not to everyone’s taste all went within 10 mins! We also had a dinosaur trail for kids, but my 5yr off nephew told me off for it being too hard. Sorry Henry... As always it was humbling to see so many people returning, and lots of people saying such nice things. A huge thank you to everyone who has helped out on the day and those who donated plants to sell, it really is a team effort! THANK YOU! So some pictures of things at their best….