Thursday 12 May 2011


Last week my lovely friend Sue, the queen of Bermondsey, gave me the gift of a gnome, as she felt it would go really well with the design of the garden.....

The said creature...small, defenceless, cute?

Gnomes are very helpful for lots of things, this gnome was great as hardcore for this new paving slab
Gnomes are odd things, originally from Germany, and embedded accross northern Europe folklore but brought out in the open in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. I think garden gnomes are mainly an English eccentricity although they do get around. There is even a 'gnome reserve' you can visit in Devon!

However i do have one up on Sue as i already have 2 gnomes hidden away...these are a throw back to my first excursions into gardening as a child where we created a 'gnome garden' of about 50 of them. Not something I admit to now (therapy didnt help) now I just have 2 (or 3 now)  thanks Sue!

The originals..not quite in fitting with the tropical theme but every garden needs some gnomes! 


  1. For a moment I thought you took the plunge and got yourself some quintessentially english gnomes, a bit out of character but the air got cleared after reading your amusing post ;)

  2. Windmills, the butterflies that you stick on your wall and rainbow wind chines are all on order....