Tuesday 23 August 2011

12 days to go....

Well, we have been doing a bit of local promo, although you do get the oddest looks pinning something to a tree. It’s also amazing when you look at a tree to see how many other pins are there already, something I had never noticed before.

I had expected a few posters to fall down with the weather or be taken down but I was not expecting this


The above picture was taken 4 hours after I put the poster up on our community notice board, the one below was 24 hours later. Blimey.

Preparations for the big day continue, and a big thank you to Sam for it’s current mostly weed free state. The last lots of rubble have also gone so it is all clear, and we have created a bit of sculpture from all of our found objects which could sell for thousands of pounds locally....The sculpture was great fun to make as initially the parents just stood back looking confused, then as soon as Mum realisd that it was just like an art project she would do at school there was no stopping her.

Steven also made 3 cakes at the weekend to practice and try things out...all were very yummy, especially the double orange, and the banana loaf....Carrot cake disappeared at Kate (the Camberwell beauties) BBQ where very flatteringly I was asked for garden design/planting help for her trendy new outdoor gardening space. This is actually going to be a good challenge as I do know my jungle plants, but to create something different will be good.

Rain is miserable today, and I don’t like this getting dark earlier in the evening business. Rain is probably the thing I’m most worried about as this could make the difference between 10 and 100 visitors...however all is not lost as on a rainy day we can cover over our terrace and bring out the cushions for the outdoor sofa to create a perfect and dry space for eating cake and waiting for a dry spell hurrah!


  1. The looks a very tasty poster at least for snails! Hope the weather is good to you it does make such a difference. Our open day got the only sunny warm Sunday for weeks. Anyway I would come for the cake!

  2. Unbelievable what they can eat in such a short amount of time. No wonder garden plants are destroyed so quickly.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  3. Janet: you are very lucky! can you work your magic for me?

    Snails....arg. the garden should be a forest of Nicotiana sylvestris at the mo, but I think only 3 of the 12 I planted out have survived! arg...

  4. That poster would be great for the garden too, diverting the snails attention away from the plants, hehe!

    Goodluck on your opening day :)

  5. What was on that paper:) Wow...We don't see many snails by us. Slugs on the other hand. Good luck in next couple weeks. Fingers crossed for a warm sunny day. Hope Steve is going to make us some cake when we are there....hint, hint...

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