Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Bali: plants and jungle part 2

There is just so much fabulousness in Bali that it deserved two posts.......

The following is Tirta Gangga...a water palace in West Bali built around a holy spring. A very scenic series of lakes and fountains

i had no idea what these large plants were as they appeared to be some type of aroid pretending to be a banana tree...

If only lotus's could grow properly in the UK....

Scenic old gateway slowly decaying into the jungle

Meru at the mother temple.....the black thatch that they use for temples actually comes from a palm tree (sugar palm?). I just love the huge Cyathea? that is growing alongside it

 Lots of natural jungle alongside a sacred lake in the centre of Bali

There are lots of huge trees....check out the epiphytes which include a lot of birds nest ferns

Huge buttress roots and lots of banana trees...

Batukau in the middle of Bali....a so called garden temple as it is surrounded by plants and dense jungle....very atmospheric, even in the pouring rain!

more rice fields....swoon!

So I hope that there are things there to inspire....Bali is a fabulous place to visit, I just wish it was closer to the UK!

If you want to read more about Bali plants, design etc do check out a couple of books I like including Balinese gardens (Tettoni/Warren) and also Gathering Places (B Walker/J. Graham) which is more architecturey but rather good and also Architecture of Bali (M Wijaya)

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  1. Such a stunning looking place! Bali still comes across as an area that is, funny enough, untouched by tourism (unlike their neighbour Thailand, both are fabulous though!).

    Those trunked Alocasias looks spectacular jutting out from the pools!