Friday, 30 November 2012

First frosts

Its cold....I'm wearing woolly hats on the bus on the way home and have cravings for heavy hearty food. OK so its not exactly that cold, and I am a bit of a weed, but today was the day where we had the first frost that I actually noticed and which has damaged plants

I wandered into the garden where it was crisp underfoot with a bit of ice on the pond, with the Cannas I haven't yet got to looking rather blackened. Part of it was nice as I like the crispness of the morning and as the seasons turn you can feel the renewal and what is coming more.

I know the RHS says don't tread on frosty grass, but screw that I like the crunch! Everything was also looking rather special with its light frosting of ice..

The tree Dahlias are huge and about to flower, but I think the frosts will beat them. This one is still standing tall

However this one looks to be asking to be put out of its misery....the winds blew it over a few weeks ago but it continues to grow but looks rather sad

This is also it for the ricinus....adeiu! generally it has been a disappointing year for this lot as they are only about 5ft when they should be 8ft!

The salvias are still hanging on.....
 Hedychium densiflora does autumn well... about 7ft but days are numbered
 Lily grass....I have been a proper gardener and potted some up for next year where a new army will take over

 I feel sorry for the giant echiums which are still growing loads....I have about 12 spread around so I hope at least one will flower
 Rubus linifolia
 Clerodenron berrys....

and at least the salvia on the terrace is finally flowering!

Keep warm!


  1. At least it looked pretty! Haven't had the chance to check on the garden yet, will see the aftermath tomorrow ...

  2. No frost yet here in Portland, Oregon USA. I must say though looking at your pictures I do get a feeling for what it will look like around here when it happens. We've got many of the same plants! Beautiful pictures.

  3. you cant stop the inevitable! I think Im glad at least it has come and I can stop waiting, its also actually quite nice to start clearing up and to get excited about next year!enjoy it while you can in Portland!

  4. Some great winter exotic pics! Love the silky leaved Rubus and what's the first pic - should know it but my mind has gone blank!

  5. thanks! first pic is a Fatsia polycarpa, a seed collection from Crug... there is so much variation with these...annoyingly my first one looks just like a normal Fatsia.

    I think I got the pictures on the worst frost so far as now everything is mushed....I think that day it was just as if everything had been popped in the freezer as the Dahlias leaves were still green and they were flowering merrily. not so much now!

  6. I have not seen this blog before, but found it yesterday and have just read it in its entireity! very interesting, great to see a transformation. Dave (fieldfest from HTUK)

  7. Thank you! Im glad you find it interesting...its a good way to keep things on track and see progress, I love your blog too!

  8. HI there, Can you tell me the name of the plant in your first picture? A friend has the same plant and we would like to know what it is so we can take care of it. Any help would be much appreciated. Linda

    1. Sure, its a Fatsia Polycarpa....this one is fairly rare, so your friend may well have Fatsia japonica which is the more common version?