Sunday, 24 March 2013

Joyous Spring

Well it is supposed to be spring, the days are officially longer than the nights and all the daffs are trying to push through, however it is cold and snowy. I managed about an hour of gardening on Friday, which was 59 minutes more than I thought I would do. I have been out in the garden however this only lasted as long as my mug of tea and most of that was in the summerhouse under blankets.

So  a weekend of staying inside, trying to become a painter, planning and singing David Bowie songs (I had a lot of self restraint not to go to the exhibition at the V&A today, but to wait to go with Steven) however Ziggy plays guitar...

TV wise it was funny to see Victoria's garden on Gardeners World, although I didn't think it looked as good on TV as it does in the flesh as last year it was fabulous.

NGS wise things are also beginning to happen again as Janine did her paraphernalia run and we got our carrier bag of NGS London booklets. I have been reading it cover to cover in bed marking off the gardens I want to go to and trying to see if there are other exotic gems to be had. Sofar those getting an asterisk include a newly opening garden in Herne Hill, the group opening in Kew, a few in Hanby/Fournier Street and perhaps one next to Fulham Palace. It will be good to get visiting again as I have been missing the NGS cake.....

Well its spring....I have to have photos of daffodils.

The snow hasn't been as bad here as elsewhere in the UK, we got a light dusting that when blown in the wind made the lawn look like waves

I have been a good gardener and been out protecting the remaining Echiums which haven't lost their growing point. I *hope* they are ok

Below is the part of the garden occupying most of my thoughts as the ground is terrible and it is dry but exposed and I need to screen the houses...

I still have 2 compost bags full of Jerusalem artichokes to get so many off each plant!

Rows of plants still waiting to find a is so easy to buy off the Internet, but so hard to actually find a space for them

 Beasts keep watch waiting for summer......

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  1. Mad mad weather, supposed to be spring but where is it? Hopefully it will appear soon!