Sunday 17 November 2013

The November Garden: things at their peak before the end...

Last night the club I was at played Mariah Careys 'All I want for Christmas' there is no escape! winter is almost here. There are also the usual weather stories about how this is going to be to be the worst winter for a generation...however with all the mini stollen I'm eating from Lidl I think i will be well insulated.

Frosts must be imminent, so this weekend was time to dig stuff up, however before I did I wanted to take some pictures of things at their 2013 climax, so enjoy... 

This was a good year for Cobea...I had stopped growing it as it tended to grow huge and not flower, however growing them on arches and trellis where they got lots of sun has reignited an interest. I do think if you can bend the branches down it encourages flowering as otherwise all it wants to do is to get to the top...they are very impatient.

Mmm I love Melianthus... it has taken ages to get going, but their leaves are magnificent and make a great contrast with dark leaved dahlias.

The terraces jungle army, with their last show of exuberance. This year I also designed things more from the perspective of the view from our terrace and lounge to create a backdrop of lushness which I will miss...

Musa lasiocarpa flanking Ganesh....great foliage but I really want them to flower. any tips?

 Nicotiana tabacum with some delicate red flowers, and Dahlia imperials (below) bought in July and now up to at least 8 foot and about to flower.

 Sams salvia and Salvia coccinea (below)

This is the view I am really pleased with as last year nothing really grew here and I had concerns about the soil, however this now seems to be the best place for lots of things as the Ricinus grew best here (about 8foot) and the Musa sikkimensis settled in nicely

Garuda standing tall, and then a more accurate picture of the garden where in general things are really knocked around, stuff is dying and looking rather worse for wear. Time for winter renewal and planning for 2014.

I was trying to think if music to go with this as an ode to the end of the season......


  1. Sad time of year when the plants die back. However it gives us time to rest and think of great things to do in the spring. We have already had a smattering of snow here and 20 F. Nights. BBBLLLAAAHHH. Come on spring:)

  2. The garden is looking so lush Clive, love it! Heavy frosts forecast this week, ouch! But at least it looks like you're prepared for it. Still at least there's next spring to look forward to now.

  3. I'm worried about your Dahlia imperialis. Are you going to take it in or wrap it up warmly? I have one in the greenhouse but it wants to escape: the Palm House at Kew would possibly be tall enough. This is a plant that wants to be a tree.

    1. i am too! although I am amazed at how much a small one I bought in July grew and think I need to be better at cuttings...I am also annoyed at how 2 fell over this year so aren't Palm house height yet. I think I need a forest of them!