Wednesday 20 April 2011

Action (past and on Saturday)

Look at me posting twice in a week! I wanted to as Hannah has just posted up some pictures from the last garden action day I had a few weeks ago. We are due another one on Saturday with a reduced crew which is great as there is still lots of digging to do, and I have just ordered a liner to create my first bog garden. Im also getting a little excited to start planing things out including some bananas and dahlias as Im hedging my bets that the weather is not going to suddenly turn snowy. Fingers crossed!

Also a big hello to blotanical people....this is a site where you can find lots and lots of other gardening blogs which i look forward to spending lots of time on

Hannah planting borad bean seeds: when I told her Mum that she had been helping there was general surprise and a comment of 'Really?! I dont think they have much luck as she has the touch of death' however they are all up and growing well! We will keep up the illusion of the death though to avoid too much home gardening

Nina grappling with a giant hop root....evil things, very like a triffid or war of the worlds fungus thing


Tea and cake: the powerhouse of any gardening day


  1. Hard work but that looks fun gardening with your friends!

    Just wondering, does NGS require you to have a veg patch or it's just part of your gardening plans for the year?

  2. No veg patch is just because I miss having an allotment. The veg patch was the one thing I definately wanted done on the new land this year as there isnt really space in the main garden...plan is to grow things I cannt buy, lots of lettuces and raspberries...

  3. Lots of work there but the end results look like they will be wonderful. Started following you to see your progress, come on by and do the same and we'll watch each others progress. Good luck on your project.

  4. great to 'meet' another London gardener. Look forward to following the progress of this amazing project