Wednesday 23 February 2011

THE Yellow Book

Well on Saturday it finally arrived, the Yellow book, my name in print that people can pay £9.99 to see. No escape now! Internet entries can be changed at will, but this is a lot more permanent. It’s the first time I have actually seen the whole book as I usually just get the London wide pamphlet or look online, things do look very different in the rest of the country as there do seem to be lots of 10 acre gardens with moats and follies.
The Dulwich gardens open for charity pamphlet followed closely, with an amusing mistake. We moved to our previous house on the day of the Golden Jubilee and our friend Darrell therefore christened our Victorian Terrace Jubilee cottage, a name which I then took for my email as I opened a new account at that time. The email has stayed, and unbeknown to me the Dulwich people took note (Dulwich folk are probably more accustomed to cottages, moats and follies than us Camberwell scruffs). Our big early victorian 3 story block is therefore listed in the book as ‘Jubilee cottage’ which is hilarious.
To avoid disappointment I feel I must put in an order for 100 David Austen roses immediately!

On another note Sue gave me a link to her Mexico photos where she went to see the Las Posas (I hope you don’t mind me using a picture). I have only seen this in books and I think on the Monty Don program last year. I want to book my holidays and a course in concrete sculpture now...


  1. Im loving peoples recommendations about other concrete gardens!

    Thank you Petra for Owl House Nieu-Bethesda - in South Africa

    I really want to visit Nek Chands garden in India, that looks amazing too!

  2. It must be exciting to see your entry on the big yellow book :)

    You can be really creative with concrete especially if you want big sculpture pieces which are difficult to source. will only cost a fraction too compared to what you buy on the garden centres.

  3. Very impressive undertaking can't wait to see the garden in Sept. Note we are arriving after all the hard work is done:) Love reading the updates. Glad to see it is warming up over there. We are slowly getting there. Had snow flurries yesterday, but up to 40's F today and sunny. Liz