Tuesday, 8 February 2011


This has been a good week as I think I have turned a corner as I’m no longer just digging, I’m now diggings and doing other stuff too. I’ve managed to clear corners, remove old tree stumps, large logs and clear areas so I can begin to see what’s going where. I’ve also built a couple of paths, a plinth and planted a bamboo....the second plant I’ve planted on the land! Things are growing and bluebells are coming up everywhere...the nettles are also growing and I have discovered that they have now started stinging again.
I’m still being rather enthusiastic ordering new plants and have just put in an order to Peter Nyssen for lots of bulbs...the whole restraint thing hasn’t yet set in as I definitely have space!
Anyway, I thought it may be nice to do some before and afters of the main garden...

4 years ago...heavy building work, garden was an overgrown wilderness (but not as bad as the new territories)

Spring, all grassed and the 'classic' flower bed round the edge

Early structure with Tetrapanax and lots of Echiums

2009: side island and Sikkimensis survived the winter

Top path, controlled jungle

other side, last year

tree fern towards house

2009: best year for Ricinus which self sowed everywhere in 2010

by pond last year

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  1. Clive, that is superb transformation indeed. And to think that's just the original part of the garden, you've got one heck of an extension coming up :)

    Enjoy the process, come September your garden will look at its peak like most Jungle gardens do, and perfect timing too ;)