Monday, 11 April 2011

The Gay Jacuzzi

Excuse my sensationalist headlines; when sitting on the bus earlier I was feeling a bit tabloid. We have once again been visited by ducks...we just woke up one morning and there they were having a jolly old time swimming around, looking like the owned the place

The pond is actually a subconscious Jacuzzi. When I finished digging it I stood back and realised what I had done, as it is circular with a deep bit in the middle....bit too deep for a pond, but perfect for a human, all I needed is a few jet sprays. Anyway, ducks...
So far the same things is happening this year as did last, first arrived a breeding pair, then they were joined by an additional mallard (wink wink), then there was another mallard, then there were just 5 mallards splashing about and having a whale (or a duck?) of a time. Clearly they were all gay and it was a Jacuzzi.
Today I am tired, and have just had another bath as I’m still aching from yesterday. After the escape to Grimsby last weekend to have a break from gardening, I ended up taking Thursday off, to do gardening, as there is so much to do. It feels like I have done loads but nothing. I’ve done some big things like planting about 7 shrubs, and have broken the back of my seeds as have planted about 20 pots of gourds and planted up a big pile of seed packets that I have had cluttering my seed box for years. I finally just thought get rid as what are you keeping them for, and have planted them all in about 9 rows in my veg plot, so I will see what will come up from Texas Blue bonnets to Thai basil and Clary.
It is now proper summer in the garden as I have cut down the last of the winter debris and Steven has been busy power hosing the terrace where we were very shocked to find a frog hiding under a chair. Odd as I have never seen an adult frog in the garden so have no idea how it got there.  Things are growing like crazy, today I noticed gingers poking through, I even have a banana in leaf (Musa basjoo), and my Musa Sikkimensis that I just kept wrapped in the sideway are all fine and beginning to grow.
All this exercise is proving very beneficial, and as I was seeing Kylie at the 02 on Saturday I was thinking how in just a few months I will be almost identical to all the buffed toned lust inducing dancers that she doesn’t half ache though!

The tricks of photography make this look better than it is.
You can see the veg plot bit, first bit of Rocket is ready to eat

The untouched corner... large logs and piles of evil roots to burn. Im thinking of just keeping the nettles as David Attenborough says we need to look after butterflies.....and they can sting the feral children who live close by 

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