Wednesday 10 August 2011

Riots......of colour and beautiful things

All been a bit crazy in London with the riots... Peckham is very close to us as is the Walworth Road both of which were a little trashed. I’m particularly sad for Peckham as its one of those places which have a bad reputation, but was just beginning to shift (it’s the new Hoxton don’t you know). I do love Peckham as its actually a nice place with a lot going on...if you fancy something exciting do visit Franks cafe...part of the pop up bar sensation...Peckham is also a great place to buy Coco yams and Eddoes if you need some exotic tubers for bedding out
Plant wise we are experiencing a riot of colour as things have grown incredibly in the 2 weeks we were in France..... Coming home to see how things have grown is probably the best bit about the end of a holiday and I’m usually in the garden pretty soon after dumping the bags

Big things include
Tithonia: these are now all out and very wonderful, my big success of the year and a plant I now always want to grow. Very easy from seed, big and drought resistant with such vibrant colour. Wow, I’m in love
Dahlias: now all fully out, apart from one which is sulking.  I’m particularly taken with this dark red/black cactus...I think it is called 'Chat noir'

Paulownia: mine grew about 3ft in 2 weeks! They now must be about 12ft tall....much bigger than last year, and all this growth is from one year.

Nettles....they seem to really like germinating in August. My fingers hurt and I have a rash on my knee...ouch.
Swiss chard....gosh this grows lots and I have masses to eat...
Grand entrace into new territories
Lots of weeds which I’m almost on top of, I had planned another gardening day last Saturday with friends but they all seemed to have some infallible sounding excuses and it ended up being me and a rather hung over Rachel. We got lots done and in prep for opening I’ve even put down some nice springy bark chips which make the paths look a bit more professional, but we are having an official NGS visit tomorrow evening so I hope everything is up to scratch!
Anyway, opening is almost here......and on Sunday 4th September we will be opening for the first time. Eek!
Hedychiums (gingers) in full swing....

Top bed...annoyingly slugs have destroyed the lush tobacco plant planting I was planning, but palm is dripping with exuberance


  1. Everything looks wonderful. Sorry about the slugs, they are just awful. The Palm looks beautiful. Hope the riots settle down soon.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. A riot of colours indeed! Good to hear you guys weren't directly affected by the real riot. Did you have someone keeping an eye and watering the garden whilst you guys were away? That's the tricky bit whenever we go on holiday as well, making sure someone is around to garden sit and water.

    Love the potted trachys framing the pathway btw!

  3. Thanks! we were lucky with the parentals keeping it all alive and the weather, sadly the rain also brought out the slugs!

    glad you like the Trachys....was all a bit of theatre as I bought them in a spending spree (along with the sand blasted pots which I think look very Asian)and the just went well there framing Ganesha

  4. Is the Paulownia's rate of growth amazing? Every time I turn round it seems it's put on a spurt! Your garden looks like an oasis of calm in a mad city.....

  5. Glad to read you - and your garden - were not directly affected by the rioting. That Hedychium is really cool - which species is it?

  6. Thanks....riots were crazy....thankfully we were safe but a shop in the same area as the one I work in did have its window broken, and we have also lost buisness as a result of the problems. but hey it keeps you on your feet!

    Hedychium is densiflorum....I think it is, but not sure if is is 'Assam Orange'. I have never had much luck with Hedychiums as I have about 5-8 different species but they never grow well. This is the only one that is a star for us (althought the flowers dont last long). I think the secret is to give them lots of sun so the rhizomes bake...lots of water too.

    PS good luck with the nasturshums....Im a big fan as they suddenly go a bit crazy and jungly! not quite sold on eating them yet....