Friday 6 December 2013


As you can probably tell I'm spending a lot of time on Wikimedia this week and in particular am completely in love with the Tropenmuseum collection of old photos which are great inspiration.

Today a reveling on Ganesha one of my favorite Hindu gods who I have always been drawn to. A large Balinese sculpture sits on a plinth at the top of the stairs, and he was one of the first things to go into the garden. As a God associated with being a creator and destroyer he is good for new ventures, so it all seems very fitting, and once in the rest of the garden kind of flowed. He is also found across South East Asia and I have a smaller Cambodian statue which sits in the lower garden.

However by far my favorite style of Ganesha is Javanese, closely followed by Balinese with my complete favorite being a huge statue in the national museum in Bangkok, so it was very exciting to find these fabulous pictures which I hope you enjoy!


  1. You'll have to add more to your garden!

  2. Allow me to add another Exotic Java Ganesha: The standing Ganesha from Karangkates, East Java( Its the same periode with Ganesha of East Java in Bangkok Museum or Rijks Museum Volkenkunde, Netherland (

    1. Thanks, they are amazing! particularly the huge standing one!