Wednesday 19 February 2014

Snowdrops at the Chelsea Physic Garden

Last week I tootled along to the annual special snowdrop openings at the Chelsea Physic Garden...this ancient garden in the heart of London is one of London’s hidden gems, and great place for some tea and cake.

I am a fan of snowdrops, although I must admit that in my mind they do look rather own basic distinctions being single, double, giant

What amused me most was all the ones for sale in varying prices from £5-£60 for a small pot.
Would I buy a £60 snowdrop? Probably not....

Would I buy a £20 snowdrop with a comedy name? Perhaps...
I was almost tempted by a pot of the snowdrop ‘John Gray’ as after a boozy lunch and having walked past Tite Street (where Oscar Wilde lived) I was full of his spirit and John Gray was a very beautiful young guy who was his obsession before Bosie, however the snowdrop John Gray was a different person....
A snowdrop with a golden bit (sorry my botany is failing me!) this is the color people seem to be going crazy for
Another highlight was a fantastic huge Daphne which had the most amazing scent. I could happily have sat under it for ages. However an interesting afternoon wandering the garden, especially seeing how they were protecting their tender plants ...many changes also seem afoot with the structure which will be good to see blossom.

So all in all a good reminder about how nice the Chelsea Physic Garden...check it out when it is warmer! 

there are lots of warm greenhouses to hide in

A fantastic Brugmansia sanguinea...this is near the top of my must have list

Even in the heart of London they wrap their Cyathea medularis

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