Wednesday 19 November 2014

back (again)

Apologies to my regular readers for the wait between posts...after returning from an amazing few weeks in Thailand and Laos work has turned rather busy and evenings have been spent working rather than blogging. There is also an odd thing about this time of the year where the shorter days have made the garden more inaccessible as the mornings are a race to get to work and by the time you get back it is dark. A combination of this and the slow decline towards winter has meant that the garden is not at the foremost of my mind. I am missing this, as gardens have such an amazing calming quality (this quality is currently being filled with gin) and although it is very much the end of the season there are still lots of things looking good. 
Frosts are not too far away and I have already prepared by buying a new temporary plastic greenhouse (more on that later) and I think this weekend will be the time I did up the Ensetes and bring the very tender things in. This year I will also dig up the dahlias , which is more a slug protection issue than a tenderness. I think I will also wait until the frost blackens the cannas before digging them up, which is also a reflection on how unfit I am. Lots to do!


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