Sunday, 26 October 2014


I have just been very lucky to have been away on holiday in Laos and Thailand for a couple of weeks and will post about all that soon however I thought I should post about my rather bedraggled looking garden!

Its funny going away as in 2 weeks you can notice a lot of changes and 2 weeks has made a massive difference from a fabulous looking exotic jungle looking at its best to a rather autumnal knocked about mess that is a little past its peak. There are still lots of things looking magnificent however 2 weeks of not dead heading and things are all raggedy.

Its been such an odd year for some things being rubbish (Salvias) and others growing like my Miscanthus giganteus (which is never supposed to flower) is flowering!

Nasturshums romp, and everything else falls over...I thought this scene was a little Ankorian

 One salvia is flowering! Im still in a huff with them though...

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  1. Still looking very exotic, especially the photo of the pond as the nasturtium over it looks like lotus leaves!