Thursday 1 January 2015

Winter is coming

Writing a blog about how mild the year had been and how we hadn't yet had any killer frosts did of course completely jinx everything.
This is my one attempt at winter protection of the huge Musa sikkimensis on the terrace. I am hoping that this very sheltered position should help it but in addition have first wrapped it with old palm fronds before wrapping with fleece. The black plastic is from old compost bags that I have cut open. The plastic is NOT all the way round, and just at the front to try and keep the rain off and help keep the pot dry. Just wrapping with plastic would not be good as it would probably get too wet, the plant couldn't breath and may die.

Winter is coming.......


  1. The sub tropical bit of our garden looks just the same! I feel like an anxious parent trying my best to protect my offspring! We have wrapped the Tree Ferns in winter jackets(thanks Lidl!) after stuffing straw in the crowns. The conservatory and greenhouse are groaning with tender plants - but have we done enough ... probably not !!

    1. I also always forget how hard winter can be....must protect more! good luck with your refugees...