Sunday 22 February 2015

Late February

Things are changing, it's lighter in the morning, spring flowers are pushing through ands all the many thousands of sycamore seeds which litter the garden are germinating. When the sun shines it makes you think that the worst of the winter is over. However, when it rains you never want to go outside

I think I have about 14 giant Echiums...mostly self seeded. So far the frosts have been kind, but it doesn't take much to rot their growing points

The Cyatheas are also alive, with only the new growth being blasted

The new temporary greenhouse seems to be working

This is it inside....the Begonia luxurians and Brugmansia are still all ok

The odd flower of Petasites

The garden becomes more and more open...frost saw off all the Cobea. Fingers crossed they will come back from the ground

This was an experiment last year....putting in all the tallest sticks I could find to help lift the climbers (here a Murhanbeckia and Kiwi) off the fence to better hide the neighbours and make more of a feature of it. Hopefully the climbers are now holding the sticks more in place

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  1. Looks like spring is coming to life in your garden and England. We are still battling with winter. Got blasted with another 5 inches of snow yesterday. Next two weeks more snow and sub zero temps. I am really ready for spring. At least all the bulbs haven't popped up yet. Enjoy.