Sunday 13 September 2015

Will Giles

I was very sad to see how Will Giles died on 2nd September. Will was very much an exotic garden extraordinaire and it was his book that has probably inspired me the most on my current exotic gardening course. 

I came across his book when I first started to develop my first garden. Before then I had already been inspired by exotica (I had my first tree fern and hardy banana) but I didn't really know what was possible. His book Exotic Plants for Temperate Climes was (and still is) very inspiring and for a long time was my well thumbed bedtime reading. Together with Christopher Llloyd they have been my favourite gardeners.

Sadly I never met him, but we were lucky to be able to visit his garden in 2011. It was amazing to see and really helped show what was possible.

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  1. It truly is a gorgeous tropical garden :)