Sunday 15 November 2015


I have just managed to escape to Thailand for some r&r, and sadly sitting at home in London just in my pants with the heating on full is not quite taking me back to the holiday spirit. More on lush jungleness to follow..

Back in London and all is blowy, very blowy! who knew that the wind could knock a good size Ensete in a very heavy pot off my high shelf! The light is also so grey and muted as oppose to Thailands to colour extravaganza.

Next week I will do the big take in, and in readyness, at the height of my jet-lag have reassembled my little polythene greenhouse (bad idea, it took a long time and I was grumpy). Things are now decidedly over, but with one or two bits of colour poking through

Dahia imperialis knocked over by the wind but just starting to flower

Salvia just starting to flower

A sunflower that didn't get the memo

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