Sunday 1 November 2015

Fading out: autumnal elegance

It is hardcore autumn at the moment, the ground is covered with leaves, it's misty and things are dying back faster than they are growing. I have broken my apres garden opening fast and started gardening again, planting out a large schleffera and clearing out the compost heap.

Compost heaps are magical things...sometimes things rot super fast, and other times it seems to take forever....surprises on my clear out were a 6ft banana stem that was completely unrotted after 8 months, and lots of Helianthus stems from this time last year. I always think of my grandfather when clearing compost as I helped him a couple of times on his allotment....him ancient but incredibly agile and moving compost like it was snow. Me 15 years old, huffing and puffing and terrified as he told me to keep watch for the rats nests that he was sure I would find (I never did).

I am trying to enjoy the garden whilst it is still looking amazing, but it is sliding to winter with the Paulownias dropping their leaves and new vistas opening up. Things are also now dying faster than they are growing and I think I will need to do my big take in towards the end of the month if not before.

Yacon flowering!

Hedychium greenii

Cuphea cynea?

All sorted! I feel like a proper gardener!


  1. That Hedychium greenii is really cool!

    1. the underside of the leaves which are reddy, and it is proving very reliable!