Monday 4 September 2017

2017 NGS Garden Opening DONE! things looking at their best

A huge thank you to everyone who came and helped at yesterdays garden opening. We had 207 visitors and made £1662! this is the most we have ever made in an afternoon, and the second highest number of visitors!! This was especially surprising as the weather in London was very grey with a vague spit of rain throughout the afternoon.

This was our seventh opening as part of the NGS and we have almost made £10,000 for charity which is very exciting. Now we just have to hold on for another three years before we get the fabled golden trowel.......

We love our opening as it is a bit like a big party and it was lovely to see so many friends, and people coming back alongside people visiting for the first time. It is a very affirming experience having so many people visit and say nice things. 

Opening is a lot of work and a huge thank you to the slaves from upstairs who have been tirelessly weeding and clearing paths for the past few weeks. We also had another 8 people come along to help run the day, helping on the door, running the plant stand, doing the teas and running the prosecco pavilion....Also thanks to Jean and Caroline who bought along plants for the plant sale. Thank you all! 

Some pictures of things looking at their best.....

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