Saturday, 17 November 2018

The last remnants

Here in London we still haven't yet had any frosts, but I know that this wont last for long! It is always when I see the Dahlia Imperialis and Tetrapanax trying to flower that I know the end is near as they are always frosted.

Overall this has been a weird year and during October and November some Dahlias have started flowering for the first time and some gingers are also having another bash. The 100 acidanthera that I put in to flower during the opening (but didn't) have also now all started flowering

This weekend I am trying to start moving things in, but I wanted to share a few pictures before it stars getting packed up

Me with my one dinner plate Dahlia to flower!

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  1. Stunning ...absolutely stunningly beautiful photographs of your amazing garden ! Yes my Tetrapanax papyrifer rex is also in flower now ....and one or two of the leaves are dropping off ...I will wrap with fleece in the next couple of days..we haven't had any frost yet, but I have a feeling in my bones that there is some cold weather on the way .