Monday 15 April 2019


A mid March post which annoyingly was written in Mid March but didnt go live...Things then were beginning to get warmer. Daffodils are out and things are waking up

So far the winter has not been that drastic, and it was only the last cold spell in early Feb that finally killed some things like a hedychium.

I am hoping that overall casualties will be minimal and the bananas are looking ok and like their spring recovery will be quick. 

Now I just have to remember to order my seeds....

My pop up plastic greenhouse to protect the really tender things

All a little snug inside
A Stapelia seed explosion!

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  1. Love it ! The gales have died down and the sun has returned this feels warm out already ( on the Lizard in Cornwall ) I,m thinking of dragging my bananas out of the woodshed and giving them a nice fresh bit of compost and a little drink of fresh rain water from the water-but . Have a lovely Easter ! :)