Sunday 30 January 2011

Brown paper packages....

This has been a week or so of deliveries.....first of all baby Jackson came to stay, which was very sweet and has made us review our ‘no babies’ can stay at the inn policy. We have previously been subscribing to the Von Trapp family school of thought, which is that the children should be left with the parents/nanny and brought down to entertain the adults/sing a song after dinner however Jackson has changed us.
I had cunningly arranged for the rest of the deliveries to come on Friday as I was working at home, however plans were foiled when the compost people left an answer phone message cheerfully saying how they could deliver on Monday, so at 10pm after my art class I was all too happy to move 35 bags of compost.... My order from Urban Jungle and Amultree came on Friday, miraculously they both use the same delivery company and it came together which was very surprising.

Urban Jungle boxes...I wish Santa send presents as big as this

Years ago I was very into EBay , but was rubbish at the wrapping and sending bit as it was just always took too long and the ethnographic tat I was sending was difficult to wrap, so I’m very impressed with how people do plants! In total I had about 4-5 huge boxes, and all the bamboos had been individually cling filmed by someone who clearly loves their wrap. I now have a huge pile of plants waiting to go in.

Bamboos wrapped by the queen of clingfilm

my very full sideway....good job my neighbours are very thin and can squeeze through small spaces

These are my wrapped bananas which seems to be my one positive winter story as they all *seem* ok. ones in the garden are wrapped, but are a bit wobbly/mush. 
Land clearance was also good this week...i have finally cleared 3 beds which will form my main veg growing area..hurrah! For a job which I thought would take 2-3 sessions it has ended up taking about a month and has been depressing for the volume of rubble/debris encountered. Finishing off the last bed was quite a short thing, so I could concentrate on building a brick pathway and plinth for my Ganesh statue to make a very imposing entry which I’m excited about.
I am also beginning to think about sowing seeds and getting things going again. During my lunch I went and bought some Eddos which are about 45p each from the veg market, but when grown and in a nursery would cost about £5. They are quite easy, and am starting them on my very warm work windowsill which was all going well until the plastic bag I had them in started leaking mud juice over my desk and chair. If you haven’t grown them before there is a great article about how to do it here. Last year I had more luck with Coco Yams than Eddoes, and preferred the plant, but this year Im going to try both, I may even try and cook them too.

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  1. Nothing like good old shopping to stave off the winter blues! I love it when boxes and plants so well wrapped arrive, better than Christmas!

    I don't like wrapping plants myself hence I rarely sell plants on ebay (plus their horrendous final value fee!)