Friday 21 January 2011

Prison Break

Our new neighbour has finally put up a fence meaning that the new territories are finally enclosed; however it is 8ft high and more akin to a prison perimeter than a white picket fence.....

Can you tell where the new fence is?

Neighbours are funny creatures, I had thought this new land would be easy and hassle free, but I appear to have gained about 13 proper neighbours whose flats border us, and an active residents committee. I had thought that the residents committee would be pleased as the land was a dumping ground, dangerous for kids to play on and bordered by tumbled down walls and tacky fences (which we have all fixed). However we were greeted to the land by a handwritten note fixed to the community notice board (which ironically sits on the wall we own) giving a reminder ‘to all neighbours’  that it is illegal to shop down any trees build or erect anything.....mmm. Personally my school of neighbourhood welcoming is more akin to that of Wisteria Lane, and as such I’m still waiting for my basket of muffins...

Godzilla pictured for size comparison (he is about 20 ft high) Good job he is contained with the new fences as he likes to eat difficult neighbours
Other neighbours have been pleased to see something happen and secure the land as people used to try and cut through, especially when coming home from the pub...Margaret in particular tells a lovely story about how she looked out of her window to see 2 people trying to cut through pulling a fridge through the brambles.
The prison fence has been particularly amusing as when we first look on the land our new neighbours had also just bought a similar piece behind some garages which they are hoping to develop. Strangely their gardeners had cleared all their land and included a significant stretch of our own land, encompassing all the garden bordering the road. Strange that! Luckily with my Dad getting wound up and brandishing ordinance survey maps and plans the boundary was soon established and the prison fence erected after a few deadlines. Although I’m moaning I actually think the high fence will be good as it should create a great microclimate as it will slow down the wind and will get a lot of direct sun..hurrah!
Anyway, I’ve actually been mega busy this week with ordering plants and seeds.... I can’t ignore a good bargain and Urban Jungle have 20% off and Amultree Exotics have 50% off. So I have ordered loads of stuff....10 bamboos, loads of things I’ve had my eye on and a few plants to bulk up what I have as this year my new year’s resolution is to clump and not have one offs...This is where I show my colours being more of a plantsman (wanting everything) and not a designer... ‘less is more, don’t clash those colours sweetie’. I’ve also ordered 35 bags of compost from CPL which are great as they are cheap and deliver for free (although I’m not a big fan of their peat free compost). So next week it will all arrive and I will be very busy!


  1. Looking forward to watching the progress of your garden, as it unravels towards your open day :)

    Those fences aren't bad at all, they look sturdy and very well done. Are you planning on painting/staining them or will leave them as it is? The neigbour of one of our friends opted to use galvanised metal sheets as fencing which is alot trickier to disguise.

    Having 13 new neigbours, you get a broader mix of people to try and get along with, a few are bound to be more 'difficult' than others. Keep smiling :) I hope that's the worst of it and things calm down gradually and the 'difficult' ones won't cause other inconveniences in the future.

  2. Thanks! I will be hoping that the bamboo grows up quickly! metal sheets sounds interesting.... I wonder if we should be very brave and stain them black as plants look amazing against them

  3. Black sounds good! I've seen a few who have painted all their fences black and it does look good. Can make small spaces feel smaller though but that won't be a problem with yours at all :)