Monday 10 January 2011

Dastardly plan foiled....

Last week I dug up a bone from the new territories and it got me thinking of a cunning plan..... I was sure that saying I had ‘found’ a human bone on site would mean that within the week the whole site would be swarming with Police digging everything up and sifting the soil....I was sure that whilst they did this they wouldn’t mind putting the rubble to one side and sifting out the roots?
Random assortment of finds, arrangement is to make it look arty 'innit

Sadly the bone wasn’t human...more dinosaur or cow, so it didn’t work, but I did chat with a friend whose parents live over an ancient cemetery and whose gardening keeps churning up bones  from beneath their shrubbery...I did ask very sweetly if I could just have a skull or two, but they said no L
I have also just dug up some interesting architectural fragments, namely half a Victorian door lintel, and some carved window lintels. They were all in the same place and I was quite excited about finding all the architectural fragments in one place just lightly earthed over, so was intrigued when I found a large lump of stone which I thought could be part of a huge column or fountain? I couldn’t move it on my own so it has laid in wait...
So back to hard graft.....yesterday my plan was to just potter lightly and get the avenue going (I have plans for a grand entrance with the steps in leading up to an avenue with an imposing Ganesh statue at the end) However plans for light work were soon abandoned and within half an hour I was taking it in turns to sledgehammer large concrete lumps with my Dad. The fountain turned out to be...concreted bricksL. But I was pleased in one respect when I found it easy to dig out a young Sycamore stump as it was growing over a bit of rubble! The digging goes on....
The small part of the site that is dug with large hole where the boulder used to be


  1. Keep digging Clive, you'll get there :)

    It's always interesting what you dig up and unearth in your garden through the years, mostly rubbish of course but there are some definitely worth keeping as it gives a sense of history to your plant, in a 'cutesy' sort of way at least.

    I've dug up lots of bones before, fortunately they were obviously of domesticated animal types! I've recently unearthed an old commemorative Charles and Diana wedding mug, which was interesting.

  2. So sorry Clive that your find wasn't something sinister, like the burial plot of some serial killer from the late 19th century. (joking. i think) Well anyway I will look forward to keeping up to date on how your garden is progressing.

  3. Im still hoping!

    I think the worst bit is when I dig in to some underground plastic...being an avid murder mystery watcher they always seem to be burried in blue plastic. Alternatively during summers occasionally helping my grandfather on his allotment to turn his compost heap I would be terrified of plastic as he would always say 'well that the rats'....