Sunday 27 November 2011

Pictorial november musings

With Novembers imminent end, I wanted to just give a few pictures of how things are in the garden as it is odd how some plants are completely dead (like the dahlias) and others such as the Ricinus are still growing away very happily. I am now ready for the winter, its official! all the tender stuff is dug up, and the bananas are wrapped, I will not be caught unexpectedly by 3ft of snow....

This is the Tetrapanax flowering its heart out....they have what you would describe as insignificant flowers, as this is it, flowering at full pelt. Its interesting how the flower stalks are coated in the same brown fibres/powdery stuff which looks evil. It reminds me of those ancient videos of children playing in piles of asbestos 

This is the view from the patio of the ever growing Ricinus...Reach for the stars as S-club 7 would say.

Amicia the tallest it has been at 6ft, with my Musa basjoo behind. My wrapping is a little creative and depends upon what is to hand..this one is 5 big bags of leaves, a tepee, fleece, weed mat with a waterproof plastic top which blew over from the builders next door

I was excited to see how the umbrella grass (Cyperus alternifolia) has grown from a fallen leaf. They are exciting to propagate as basically you just cut a leaf and put it upside down in water, and then a new plant grows in the joints!

My full greenhouse, wrapped and mainly full of saliva's and feels like I have been eating them forever and yet there is still more to come.

The once full terrace is now bare with all the furniture wrapped up for Xmas, is a little sad

Fatsia japonica......I don't understand Fatsias as this one looks fabulous and almost F. polycarpa like with huge leaves whereas others in the garden look almost dead and are struggling, I think they must be very sensitive to drying out as this one gets run off from the shed roof whereas the others are all in areas which get dry.

My once grand entrance with Ganesha looking a bit mossy, and the palms that were in the pots planted out elsewhere. Come the frosts it will all be cut to the ground, but then a new mighty garden will rise again


  1. Nice job Clive, which also reminds me I still have one tender plant that needs to be dug up!

  2. The height of your ricinus is truly amazing, never have seen them so tall.

    This is a good reminder to retrieve all the tender plants, winter will be upon us any day now.

  3. I cant believe that this time last year we were under several foot of snow!

    Ricinus is amazing, they must be at least 100ft by now....

    It is a shame chopping stuff down that is still looking fab, but I was a scout and one must be prepared! oddest thing is how the cannas I put into the metre cupboard have grown 1ft as it is still so warm so I could do with it being a little cooler!

    good luck with your prep