Sunday 9 June 2013

Greenhouses, neighbours, severed fingers and digging up plants in February

I’m quite chuffed about the garden at the moment, it’s beginning to settle in, look mature and really pretty...this is also the first weekend where there wasn’t masses to do...well until I decided to move the greenhouse.....

A recent house meeting sparked thoughts about moving it as the main garden is communal (shared between 5 flats) and although it hasn't been an issue it was pointed out how it takes up a very sunny spot which isn't overlooked.

There had also been some misunderstanding about how someone thought the house had paid for it and how much was being spent in the garden which was a little irritating as I got it for free off Freecycle and I tend to pay for all the plants out of my own pocket. Moving it to our private garden frees up space and also avoids any future issues other leaseholders may have.
An empty filled with sticks and bits of string as we try to figure out a new design!

Ta da! It is already feeling more like a distinct bit of the greenhouse....the net shading is as Steven has banned me from painting the glass after they spent so long cleaning it

We also had the fabulous Sue come to help us on Saturday, which was rather nice although there was an icky point where she cut herself cleaning the glass, only to see what we thought was her finger floating in the dirty water of the bucket...thankfully it was just a nick (done in a funky way which cut off the top of her marigolds)
Many hands made light work and it was easier than I thought, as once the glass was out we could carry it to its new position, I even used a spirit level to make the base! Sue was also a trooper staying till the bitter end when all the glass was in, and plants back at about 7:30pm...Sue we salute you!

Having a weekend wandering and in my hammock was a good chance to reflect on the seasons progress so far and the impact of the winter. The cold start to the year has certainly thrown a few things.....I have lost a large Dahlia inperialis which seems to have rotted in the cold, other Dahlias are only just peaking through (and being mauled by snails) whereas the ones in the greenhouse are 1ft tall.  I left a few Cannas in the ground which are only peeping through...and one clump which I thought was dead only just seems to be waking from the winter slumber. I also disappointingly pulled out the Eupatorium capilliaris thinking it was dead to see new shoots... Quite when this lot will actually look like nice plants I don't know

Tender plant update....The musa sikkimensis that was overwintered in the sideway with all its leaves intact is doing great....the Canna musifolia with all its leaves (at back behind banana) is a bit moody and I think I should have chopped back the old growth. Cauteleya is shooting (pot next to sofa) Schlefera good, Puya getting big and Canna shooting
Tree fern has epically flushed with the taller one still declining :( Begonia luxurians planted out (the one at Great Dixter was huge in the ground)
End of may/June exhuberance with the Banana coming back into leaf..there is also a Ensete that I have just plated out to the left of the pond
I read somewhere about someone who didn’t lift his Dahlias/Cannas until Feb/March the time I thought this really odd as this is when it is proper cold, however now I can see the point as this saves an autumn rush but still gives them a head start. Something for next year.....
Canna that was left in the ground is just poking through and not looking great...

The foxgloves are everywhere which is fabulous
Hurrah, huge new spears on my Shanghai 3 bamboo...they are so thick!
Chusan palm flowering for the first time!
*most* of the seedlings are now in, this is a Ricinus....however the Coleus and nicotiana are still tiny tiny
I am so loving this Beschoneria flower spike, it looks as if someone has painted it
2 giants Echiums which lost their growing points in the frost....still fabulous flowers which the bees love, but not 15ft towers....
A Paulownia coming back into leaf...the older ones aren't as advanced, especially not the one which I accidentally knocked the bud off... 

More new bamboo spears...I am so excited by these as they are growing so fast and are rapidly heading to hiding the neighbours....
Finally a bit of remembering the last year as I couldn't believe that it was almost exactly a year since we built the summerhouse!
This is abandoned corner which now has all the bee hives....
Then this time last year! 1 shed in, the base of the summerhouse coming

And finally 2 years still being cleared but Ganesh is standing guard....


  1. Glad to hear there were no major injuries sustained whilst moving the greenhouse, shifting glass ain't easy!

    The garden is looking lovely and summer exuberant already!

  2. I don't know how you find the time and the energy but I salute you. It looks fabulous!