Friday 12 July 2013

Bali paintings

So as well as gardening I have aspirations around painting, and this year I have deemed to be an 'art' year and are currently taking Fridays off to focus in on this (and help remain sane with gardening and bees). This builds on a portrait painting class I have been doing on Monday evenings forever....whilst I love the class portraiture isn't really what I want to focus on, however it has been helping me get a grounding in oil painting and the more traditional side of things (my teacher was taught by someone who was taught by Millais so is very old school)

So I am trying to do my own paintings at the moment and these are two of the early ones springing from my Bali obsession, its culture, temples, carvings, people and plantlife.... as a side a good blog if you want a taste of what is going on is Stranger in Paradise

Both are temple gates...

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