Saturday 8 March 2014


Last week we spent a great few days in Madrid, and although the main focus was to escape cold rainy England, eat lots of tapas, drink sherry and stay out too late there were lots of nice planty things to be seen.

Climate wise Madrid is cold at this time of the year, and looked much like London, although there were a lot more lonely looking palm trees, looking decidedly out of place surrounded by barren deciduous trees.

They probably had the best cabbages I had seen

Then in the large Retiro park which runs in the heart of the city there were these fantastic trees which reminded me of the cloud trees in front of the Royal Palace in Bangkok

Spring was in the air, and they had a long run of cherry trees which the local parakeets seemed intent on eating!

 One of the coolest things was to visit the Atocha station, Europe's largest train station which had been refurbished to include a massive tropical garden!

 All rather unexpected! good fun, but could do with a good dust

In the station that had a vending machine for flowers which was a great idea, although a little amusing

 and lots of turtles which the pigeons seemed oblivious to

An unexpected find was the Sorolla museum, based in the house of Mr Sorolla an artist at the turn of the century who was very into the use of light in paintings and quite Renoire like. He had a fabulous moorish style garden, which was an exotic breath of air on a dull day

 cooling fountains and nice tiled floors

I loved the simplicity of 3 pots full of Aspidestras

All in all we liked Madrid, and the tapas, and the churros, and the sherry.....although it has been nice to come back to London for a non 'Jamon' based diet. I look forward to returning when it is warmer and visiting the botanic gardens which I only peered through the railings at, and eating more tapas!