Thursday 14 August 2014

I love Glasgow! an amazing glasshouse, tree fern heaven!

Last week I was up in Glasgow for work and being inspired by some of the many volunteers who are part of Diabetes UK and making a real difference to people affected by diabetes.

It being my first time to the city I managed to escape for a few hours to look a the botanic gardens which were a short walk from the center, and i was so glad that I did as they have the most amazing glasshouse and best collection of tree ferns that I have seen in ages!

The highlight was the Kibble palace, a marvel of Victorian glasshouses inspired by the Crystal Palace stuffed full of different Cyathea and Dicksonia

Cyathea regale

Huge cyathea medularis, browneii, and dealbata with some Dicksonia squarossa 

Cyathea browneii

Equisetum myriochaetum

Cyathea princeps

then as if that wasn't enough there was another extensive glasshouse complex, my favourite being the palm house

Finally although the Commonweath Games were well and truly over there were still remnants all over the city and I couldn't resist a selfie of Clive with Clyde

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  1. That glasshouse is a stunner, so are the plants in it! Might make a trip there over the winter...