Friday 5 February 2016

Dead foxes and squirrels

If there is one thing worse than a stinky fox, it’s a stinky dead fox….At the moment the garden feels like a bit of a no go zone…when it is light enough to walk round it is wet and muddy, with lots of detritus everywhere. There is also a very bushy tailed fox that keeps watching and skirting round me, but sadly it has a bad leg which I feel means that there may soon be an inevitable death. 

Foxes are strange creatures…there are always lots around us, and they are lurking in the shadows ready to dash out and pick off any small children or vulnerable adults.

I last found a dead fox a few years ago which was very grim….the small percentage of butcheness that I have in me quickly disappears in these situations.  I smelt the fox before we found it, curled under a large Laurel bush where I buried it. The next day I came out to find the fox had been dug up by another fox and dumped in the middle of the lawn. Yuck! 

The grim one was the dead squirrel which I once found in a water butt/tank which I didn’t smell but saw….it was a huge evil mass, vastly bloated by the water, more like a cat than a squirrel. YUCK!

This nature business is all very well, but only when it is all cute and fluffy!

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