Sunday 21 February 2016

Paulownia: king of the exotic garden and vlog

A new era beckons! vlogging! I'm dipping my toes in, and wanted to share my first attempt which is a short vlog about Paulownias as chopping them down has been my one recent bit of gardening. 

Paulownias are of course one of my favourite plants...perfectly hardy and THE plant that you must have if you want your own jungle. Looking after them is also super easy


  1. Brilliant ! Now I want one ! : )

  2. Just bought one on Ebay , I know , that was quick ! : ) Yes , a very very small one in a 9cm pot. But I was wondering , did you grow yours from seed ?
    Looking forward to more of your vlogs . Daisy Debs

    1. They are amazing! mine all came from small plants, the one in the picture is probably 4 years old? I imagine they would grow quickly from seed and they make really nice small plants as the leaves are great. When young I would just let them grow into a bush for a few years before pollarding it

  3. We are just dipping our toes in and growing our first! Thanks for the vlog!