Monday 30 September 2013

September lushness

Suddenly October is about to appear, its getting dark sooner and wearing of coats and jumpers is a necessity. The garden seems to be getting greener and lusher with the ricinus at about 6-8 foot high, daturas becoming ever bushier and nasturtiums filling every available gap and pushing their way across paths. Finally dahlias are at their peak, but with the cooler temperatures cannas tend to be more leaf than flower.

So a celebration of the end of September

 Next year I think it will be all about the pots, as they nicely solve the problem of rubbish dry soil....

 Below is the Kalopanax which Anna Pavord wrote about, its beginning to mature nicely
 The Nicotiana tabacum is still growing (this one is supposed to get to 8ft) and is joined with lots of Marvel of Peru which is perennial with me and a welcome space filler when I remember where I planted them!

 thankfully now its cooler the thrips seem to have disappeared having trashed the Brugmansias leaves all summer
 The Helianthus salicifolius have suddenly gone into flowering mode and turned into giant monsters! I prefer them as towers of leaves as they are suddenly a bit out of place
 The Nicandras did a good job of self seeding everywhere and grow so so fast to fill gaps with statuesk poise, I would definitely recommend them

 Nasturshums self seed and get everywhere which is fabulous, as the circular leaves and lush green provide perfect contrasts

 The strange seedpod of a Datura which a very kind visitor gave to me
 Look I can do vegetable growing although there is only so much chard a boy can eat....


  1. Everything looks absolutely stunning...what a masterpiece you have created! Wishing you a wonderful Fall season.

    Best wishes,

  2. Your garden is looking at its peak Clive! Hopefully it stays mild for as long as possible.