Sunday, 26 July 2015

Tatton Park: inspiring spaces and an amazing Japanese Garden

When up north t'other week we went to Tatton Park which is much more than a flower show. Overall it is a vast working estate with one of the earliest and best Japanese gardens in the UK

Created after a visit to the Anglo-Japanese Exhibition at the White City in London in 1910 Alan de Tatton was so inspired that he brought a team of Japanese workmen over to create his new garden.

I loved it as it incredibly well laid out and worked with the space with a bridge, shrine and tea room.

It also had its own Mini Mount Fuji....something I have been lusting about doing myself for years. In essence Fuji is a sacred mountain, and often a mini version is created as part of this, or for people who were unable to travel to the mountain its self. I saw a magnificent one on a holiday to Kyushu, one of Japans southern islands.

As a visitor you can only skirt the edges, which I actually like as it is that feeling of peering in and the mystery of the unknown. You can also really imagine using the garden, and having a fabulous party...

Whilst I liked Tatton park, I felt the planting of Packwood House blew it away (see previous post). But what was fabulous was the structure, and also one of the nicest ferneries I have been to in a glasshouse which was designed by Joseph Paxton (of Crystal Palace Fame)

It also had these amazing rooms...I loved the topiary and the tower

So overall a very interesting estate, certainly more than a flower show!

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  1. Haven't been to Tatton Park before, well one of us at least. Must visit really...