Sunday, 26 July 2015

The Instant Gardener and 1 Month to go before the garden opens for one afternoon in aid of the National Gardens Scheme

This is a bizarre week of waiting as on Friday July 31st on BBC1 at 3:45pm I will be featured on the BBC's 'Instant Gardener' Program (well I hope I haven't been cut!). I am a bit nervous about it as I have no idea how the garden or I will come across. I was very apprehensive about letting them film in April as the garden is nothing like at its best. For that COME TO OUR GARDEN OPENING ON 6th SEPTEMBER!

However, I did it as it was a bit random and I ended up having a really fun day as both Carmen and Helen were absolutely lovely. You can read the full blog I did after the filming here

I am enjoying watching the series as although in the vein of garden makeover shows it is a little different as it is more aimed at 'normal' folk who aren't gardeners but who have an outdoor space. The makeovers are all done in a day on a very low budget and so far have all been achievable for the garden owners. Helen is of course a fabulous, down to earth presenter, and Danny the main designer/gardener is different from the mold, and I am sure that we will be seeing more of him on our screens.

Anyway, I hope that it all comes across well and makes people want to come and visit the garden when we open in a months time! The NGS describes our garden as:

24 Grove Park, Camberwell, London, SE5 8LH

An exotic garden full of the exuberance of late summer inspired by travel in Southeast Asia. A jungle of big leafed plants, bold colours and shapes incl bananas, dahlias and towering Paulownias. Huge hidden garden gives unexpected size with ponds, bee hives, sunken terrace, productive area. Lawn and lots of hidden corners give spaces to sit and enjoy. Renowned for delicious cake

This year I think things will be bigger and better! and I am busy potting up plants for the plant sale. Come! put it in your diary now!
Some pictures to tempt you in....




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