Saturday, 18 July 2015

The amazing garden at Packwood house

Last weekend we visited Packwood House, an amazing  16th Century National Trust house and garden. Although initially attracted to the house, on getting there it was the gardens that I was really excited about. When I win the lottery I will hunt down the head gardener and beg him to come and look after my garden(s)

By a side door were a pair of Fucrea parmentier which blew me away. They were HUGE and like an amazing candelabra of flower. I WANT ONE NOW!!!

The beds were densely packed and slightly reminiscent of Dixter. Full of all the plants I liked....tropical salvias, geraniums, Helianthus salicifolia

There was a hedged sunken pool with a hot gravel garden containing lots of gems and things I wasn't familiar with

Then finally at the top was a huge yew topiary garden for which it is famous.

So overall a great place to visit if you are up near Birmingham. Really interesting history, great kitchen garden, house and fabulous gardens....

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  1. I wonder if those Furcraea are over wintered outdoors. If so it shows how sheltered that spot is. the bloom spike is spectacular!