Wednesday 11 April 2012

The bees (gulp)

The bees have arrived!!!!! I have now made the progression from dressing up and pretending to be a bee keeper, to actually being one
Some quick fire bee numbers
0 no stings (yet)
0.5 number of OMG what am I doing moments
2 there are 2 hives, the bees came in 2 mini hives
3 times I have dressed up in the beekeeper outfit to pretend to be a 1980’s Dr Who monster
3-6 the approx number of bees which managed to escape in to the car as Charlie and Hannah drove them down from Lincolnshire
10,000 this is about how many bees there are in each hive (gulp!)

So the progression to becoming beekeepers begins..... at the moment the boxes in the picture are just the nuc temporary hives they came in as we are letting the bees settle in, and on Friday we will start the process of moving them into the proper hives.
See what I mean about looking like a bad Dr Who monster. This is my slight OMG moment (see clenched fists) as we were just releasing them and one flew straight into Hannahs hair resulting in much yelping 


  1. Ooops, first comment disappeared! Have fun with your new garden pets :) And enjoy the honey later on!

  2. hopefully! they are very addictive to watch going about their business... especially returning to the hive with legs laden with pollen!

  3. Green with envy! Would love to keep bees.