Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The RHS London Show

Today I kept alive the Easter Bank Holiday magic by having another day off to go the RHS plant Fair show at the Horticultural Halls in Westminster. The show was filled with marvels...

MARVEL: you thought that there were only a few different types of daffodil and narcissus, there were hundreds all neatly laid out in a mega horticultural way

BEHOLD: see how plants can miraculously heal older people with disabilities, see people discard sticks and walking aids in order to carry more plants
AMAZEMENT: amongst photos of wild plants, see the bizarre picture of Meerkats

GASP: at the tiny bonsai tree doing an impression of a pencil

GIGGLE: at the plants with amusing names (this plant is Silybum)

And marvel at lots of lovely plants
Echium fastuosum

Pleiome  with Asarum at the back

Tropaeolum tricolor

another Tropaeolum whose name Ive forgotten

Bromeliads a go go


  1. Those bromeliads were amazing. And the guy on the stand (who I assume was Don Billington) was so friendly and informative. His display made me want to go and live in a biodome. He told me he does mail order, and his website is at www.every-picture.com, if anyone is interested in having a browse.

  2. I thought it very atmospheric as I was transported to a fern gully with dinosaurs running through!

    Thank you Helen for the best amusing name suggestion of Leucanthemum X Superbum

  3. The bromeliad display is probably my favourite of the lot. I popped round after work on Tuesday and it was quiet that time, which was great as I was able to browse around even better. I only bought four items, I had to be restrained as I will have to hand carry them back home this time, and on rush hour too.

    I though the daffodil displays were...haunting (in an odd way). But then again that's how flowers are displayed anyway for competition.

  4. That is very restrained!

    I agree about the odd way they were displayed...very hard core RHS! there were a few I was very taken with on the actual plant stands, but my favourite was £25 a bulb!!!!!!